Tuesday, December 30, 2008

S 02 Angela Behrendt

Angela Behrendt
Heidornstrasse 7


Anonymous said...

Oh, the picture is lost on it´s way....!

Anonymous said...

I´m still completely shocked because I cannot explain myself, why the whole picture has disappeard.Nevertheless the empty card looks very quietly. I send the card even today over again, sometimes see what passed.

kiki,desvaux said...

quel beau silence !

jnp.fr said...

Angela, sorry, I really thought it was intended (no trace of glue /of any picture...). I received today another card from you which I am going to post soon, thanks again. But if you don't mind, it is OK for me to leave the first one on the blog as well. Accidents are also mail art.
Kiki, merci pour le commentaire! Mais Angela n'avait pas dit son dernier mot (silencieux)!

Anonymous said...

It´s o.k. if both cards on the blog remain. I´m glad that the card this time has come unscathed.